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Letting it Go  

When does a friend become no longer a friend,
but more like sand slipping through your fingers...
and not even the kind of sand you want to hold on to.
Kind of like that sand at Nags Head...that rocky sand,
it has some shells in it, but mostly junk,
the kind that once you get home and look at it,
You wonder why the heck did I keep this
you know that sand...we've all held onto something for too long
instead of just...

Today after another insightful conversation with my SPBFF (Thank God for her), I've decided to let it go...the sand is junk and I'm going to sift through and keep the few shells that are worth it...
I've got too many beaches to visit, there's no point in trying to keep this with prayer and commitment, I'm letting it go. And of course...with true class. I will be proud of the shells that I can retain, but I will no longer hold onto the pebbly, crappy sand and be disappointed because it's junk once I get home. Nah....not anymore...see you sand...

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