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If someone had told me that I'd feel this way a month ago...scratch that even a WEEK ago, I would've laughed in their face. Prior to this I haven't been able to listen to ANY love songs...matter of fact, they disgusted me. The only thing I could bear to listen to was Gospel music. Imagine a hurt that deep....I can't believe I was there myself. But what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. From this hurt and betrayal, I thought I'd never be able to take away anything positive. Matter of fact...I'm still not sure I can do that. My relationship with God has grown TREMENDOUSLY, so that's my positive deduction. Anyway, moving on....this past week. I got my swagga back...LOL! Thanks to a wonderful friend who pushed me to do things I didn't want to do because she thought, "It's good for you. You have to meet more people." Thank God for that amazing friend....she just may have saved my perception of men. Who wants to be a bitter woman? Angry black woman...not I. That's not my style. I'm the fun-loving, bubbly, high maintenance princess. =) I can smile again, I can fall again, I can laugh again, I can listen to LOVE songs again!!! Today is the first day I can listen to the ENTIRE Tamia CD without skipping a song. I'm so serious. It's sad but true. The pain was so deep and this new feeling is so uplifting. I can laugh and want to listen to love songs and sing along. I'm back...finally. I'm back to the days of the school girl crushes only this time around...I'm a woman who knows what she wants. I can have a different crush every week if I want...and I just might, shoooot. I'm excited about crushes, excited about the possibility of falling, excited about what the future brings....I just might fall yall................

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