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The Va-Va-Voom  

What's more important?

Instant chemistry or the kind of chemistry that grows after getting to know someone?

When you meet a person that's interested in you, is it right to turn them down solely because theres no va-va-voom?

Isn't it possible to miss out on something great because it may not be what it appears to be on the surface? Don't we all owe it to ourselves and our happiness to look a little deeper into people before we just write them off based on a first impression be it based on physical characteristics or pre conceived notions...

Speaking from experience, those va-va-vooms that exist when you first see someone usually fade. Especially if you don't develop a deeper connection mentally. If the person can't relate to you mentally...then that va-va will most definitely fade. Probably after the first intimate interaction. Then the excitement is over and so is the va-va and you're left feeling like...this is it? This is what I waited for? This is what I was excited about?

On the other hand...say you meet an attractive person and initially they're cool but they just don't have that va-va. You decide to still talk to the person because, hey...what do you have to lose? Now you realize that this person is pretty amazing...he/she makes you laugh, smile, blush, daydream. He/she is interested in a lot of the same things as you, the conversation is so easy it's almost scary. In fact, the two of you have fallen right into step...almost like an unspoken chemistry. You've developed a mental va-va with this person. Which makes intimacy much more intimate. The kind thats like fine gets better with time. Not like that instant va-va that possibly might fade with time. This va-va just continues to grow. So not only do you have mental va-va but physical as well because of the mental. You trust this person...

Not saying that all first va-va instincts fade but that is quite a realistic possibility. But if you develop a mental va-va, you stand a better chance of it lasting over time.

All that to say....

Which va-va do you want?

Which va-va is the best?

Which va-va does in fact last the test of time?

What next?

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