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The L-Bomb  

Do we have to have a "title" for me to love you?
People love their friends and families. So I can love you and not be in something that has a "title" with you.
Do you need the title to be honest with yourself about your feelings?
I'm confident in who I am. I love me, so it doesn't matter if you love me or not....I'll be aight. And I can say that yeah, I love I'm really feeling you, in your words. And no, it doesn't matter that you haven't said that to me. It doesn't even matter if you never say that to me. I think you're a great person, a great man and I'm proud to say I love you. I'm proud to say I stepped outside of my norm,
after someone tried to steal my joy,
and decided to love you ANYWAY.
Hell no, I'm not scared to say it and
Hell no, I don't care if you ever say it...
I'm comfortable with me loving you and having no "title."

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