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my prayer  

in the midst of praying for someone else, God showed me that i should pray for me first and foremost.

be the best me that i can be

then He'll take care of the rest

seek Him first and all other things shall be added unto me

quit trying to remove the speck out of his eye and worry about the log in my own

and this is my prayer...

God give me the grace to seek understanding instead of trying to be understood

God give me the wisdom to always look at myself first before i criticize him

God give me a spirit of contentment, the wisdom to know which battles are worth fighting

God give me peace in the middle of the storm, always remembered to look to You for my joy

God give me humbleness and the willingness to learn

God give me the ability to understand the difference between my perception and reality

God give me wisdom like Esther to know when to speak

God give me that help meet ability like Eve

God give me a spirit of submissiveness like Sarah

God give me genuine humility, a spirit of meekness like Ruth

God give me a man of God who will love me as Christ loved the church

God give me a man after Your own heart

God give me the ability to discern the things i can change and change them

God give me the wisdom to discern the things i cannot change and accept them

God help be a better christian, woman, friend, daughter, sister, and girlfriend

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