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a passion for purple  

Ever since seeing he's just not that into you, I've been obsessing over purple nail polish. One of the characters wore purple polish and it was so springy and happy to me. I'm not sure how great a purple polish will look on brown skin, but never the less I'm willing to give it a go. The thing with bright colors is that they typically should be worn on short nails that are just a tad longer than your fingertip (like barely over). My nailbeds are short, so when I file my nails that short, my nails look like little circles...not cute. So I want to wear bright colors, but what to do when I paint them on my nails and they look like stupid 11 year old nails?! Arghhh!!! What colors are appropriate for longer type nails anyway? I'm going to go with...none! Or a nudish white color. Something very simple so I don't look ghetto fabulous. My nails are short to me right now, and they're probably a quarter of an inch past my fingertip. And from the top, they look short like they're just past my fingertips. So maybe I'll try out the purple anyway....

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