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Nail Polish Fetish  

I have officially become obsessed with nail polish. I'm not sure when it happened either...well I kind of know it started when I found Polish Addict and starting reading her posts about various brands of nail polish and different colors that she swatched. Then I found Scrangie, who has a great writing style that makes me laugh and she does a lot of polish swatches. And ever since, I've been pretty much obsessed with changing my nail polish on a weekly basis. I haven't repeated a polish since November (when my obsession started) and that's scary and probably weighs heavier on my wallet than I'd care to admit. Then I found out about the Zoya Exchange...and well I'm just hopeless. I heart nail polish.
At first I liked mostly dark shades, like Opi's You Don't Know Jacques (check out Scrangie's swatch here), which was my favorite this winter. But now that it's Spring, I've moved on to brighter colors like Opi's Do You Lilac It and Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Lightening (here's a swatch).

My latest obsession (which I'm proud to say I haven't purchased) is Orly's Tiki Time. Scrangie did the swatches and got me hooked. I want them least the Mint Mojito and Calypso Breeze. I don't have any colors similar to any of these though, so I feel okay getting them all. :-) And I also want Cashmere Cardigan and Country Club Khaki from Orly's Prepster collection. Scrangie also did swatches of those. So that's like what...six new polishes overall....that's not too bad. Unfortunately, I've sworn off shopping until the end of May. So we'll see how I feel about these polishes then.

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