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From "YES WE CAN!" to "YES WE DID!!!"  

Last night history was made and the first Black President of the United States was elected. This moment was so overwhelming for me as a young black woman. To me, Barack Obama serves as a model for my children not yet born, an example that anything is possible and "Yes We Can" change the world. A role model for young black children and all black people, that we don't have to conform to the status quo of only being athletes, rappers, and strippers. We are so much more...and last night President Elect Obama proved that to the rest of the country. What we, as a people, and me, as a Black woman knew all along. There is so much more to being black than what the media portrays, there is so much more than what we ourselves sometimes portray. The sky is the limit. For all those who came before, for all those who fought to make our voices heard, to make our lives equal...thank you. Your work was not in vain, and last night Obama reminded us of all that we have been through and what can happen when we truly unite and stand together. God bless President Elect Obama and his family and God bless America.

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